Climate Financing Instruments in Mediterranean landscapes

How to increase the mobilization of Climate Financing Instruments to support programs and/or projects in forested Mediterranean landscapes

Organization: FAO, CTFC and ONFI

Session 1: Presentation of the mitigation and adaptation potential in Mediterranean forest sector

Chair: Ms. Valérie Merckx (REDD team in EFI)

Rapporteur: Mr. Nicolas Chenet (ONFI)

Session 2 : Roundtable discussion with potential investors/partners on the regional Road Map

Chair: Ms. Susan Braatz (FAO)

Rapporteur: Ms. Valentina Garavaglia  (FAO)


The Strategic Line 9 of the “Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests: policy orientations for integrated management of forest ecosystems in Mediterranean landscapes” highlighted the following innovative instruments with clear links to new ‘’Climate Financing Instruments’’: 

Recommendation 4: Adapt to the Mediterranean context Innovative Financing Mechanisms (IFM) and instruments such as Payments for ecosystem Services (PeS) schemes, redd+ and compensation mechanisms; 

Recommendation 5: Create the enabling environment for the development of Innovative Financing Mechanisms (IFM):

  • Improve the understanding of these mechanisms through capacity development;
  • Learn good practices from other regions;
  • Communicate widely on the importance of forest ecosystems goods and services and the need to raise necessary financial resources for their sustainable management;
  • Start designing first initiatives of IFM, such as REDD+ pilot projects in selected areas of the region;

Recommendation 6: enhance the involvement of the private sector in developing the value chains of wood and non-wood forest products;

The session, focused on the mobilization of financial resources from “Climate Finance’’ for Sustainable Management of Forests (SFM), will give the opportunity to promote the potential of Forested Mediterranean Landscapes for mitigation of and adaptation to Climate Change. The session will also give the opportunity to present the first results of two regional projects funded by the French Global Environmental Facility (FFEM) and the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) on the following key issue: ‘’How to maximize the production of goods and services of Mediterranean forest ecosystems in the context of global changes’’, and also, to promote a portfolio of mitigation pilot projects and forest based adaptation innovative projects in Mediterranean landscapes.


One key result of this session will be to discuss with potential investors on ‘’how to implement those pilot projects (taking into account Non Carbon Benefits) with the support of several key “Climate Financing Instruments”.

Another key result of this session will be to know better the interest of potential investors/ partners concerning the regional Road Map adopted in 2013 on “REDD+ and carbon finance in the AFOLU sector’’ and on mitigation pilot projects and forest based adaptation innovative projects (including Non Carbon Benefits) in the Mediterranean region by giving them the opportunity, during the roundtable, to present their own expectations, rules and constraints. 


This session will be divided in two parts, with one focused on the presentation of the mitigation and adaptation potential in the Mediterranean forest sector (including a presentation of the current dynamic of regional cooperation on REDD+) and one dedicated to an open discussion with key potential investors/partners/donors invited to attend the IV MFW in Barcelona. 


Mr. Christophe Besacier (FAO)

Mr. Denis Boglio (CTFC)

Mr.Nicolas Chenet (ONFI) 



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