Innovation in the Mediterranean


Mediterranean forests are resilient and complex socio-ecosystems and an invaluable green infrastructure of enormous value for our societies. They are a hotspot of biodiversity and cultural heritage and provide critical ecosystem services in relation to the water cycle and water supply, the protection of soil and carbon sequestration.

Mediterranean forests also support very important value chains, not necessarily based in the production of biomass. The Mediterranean basin hosts 30% of the world tourism and part of it is linked to forests. Most of the drinking water is produced in forested Mediterranean basins. Hunting and mushroom picking are important components of the rural economy in large areas.

The role that Mediterranean forests are playing in many crucial societal challenges is, thus, difficult to overestimate. However, markets for Mediterranean forest goods and services are week. This session will make a brief review of the most crucial societal that are affecting forestry in the Mediterranean and will highlight how societies are responding with innovative approaches. This with a special focus on a critical question: It is possible to generate revenue streams and to create green jobs and wealth based on the products and services that Mediterranean forests provide?


Mr. Inazio Martinez de Arano EFIMED 



Developed by Fundación Cesefor