Session on Entrepreneurship in Mediterranean landscapes

“Inspiring cases and success stories of entrepreneurship based on Mediterranean forests’ products and services”

Organization: EFIMED

Rapporteur: Ms. Camille Evard (ForEco Technologies, S.L)

Facilitator: Mr. Inazio Martinez de Arano (EFIMED)


The Mediterranean region is characterized by a large population density, by a very early and significant urban phenomenon and by the scarcity and relative fragility and low productivity of its forests ecosystems. The lack of strong value chains outside some niche productions (cork, poplar, argan oil, etc.) leads to abandonment and increased forest fire risk in some areas, while that same low value increased the pressure from local populations for over-exploitation and land use change in other regions.

There is pressing need to develop economically and socially sustainable value chains that create and improve livelihoods and that contribute to secure conditions for enhancing sustainable management of the forests.

This was recognized in the III MFW held in Tlemcen (Algeria) from 17 to 21 March 2013. This landmark event addressed the contribution of Mediterranean Forests to the Sustainable development of territories under climate change. At the high level segment, the new Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests (SFMF) was endorsed. This important political document has three key objectives related to i) the development and promotion of goods and services from Mediterranean forests; ii) Increasing the resilience of these ecosystems/ agroecosystems and iii) enhancing the capacity of the different stakeholders and channeling adequate resources to secure sustainable management. Going one step further, the overarching theme for this IV Mediterranean Forest week is ”Improving livelihoods: The role of Mediterranean forests value chains in a green economy”. In this way it is clearly addressing the urgency, the pressing need of strengthening the economic pillar of sustainable forest management in the Mediterranean. There is a need to create relevant value chains that support rural populations and that generate enough resources to secure the protection and conservation of Mediterranean forests. It is difficult to imagine that this enormous task can be accomplished without sound scientific knowledge, appropriate governance structures, public private partnerships and, probably most importantly, a generation of entrepreneurs that through innovation at all levels can effectively generate and market value in a sustainable way.


  • To share, showcase and discuss concrete examples of entrepreneurs that have implemented an economic activity based on Mediterranean forests products and services.
  • To identify key innovation areas and key enabling conditions for strengthening entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean.
  • To generate recommendations at different levels in order to move forward relevant priorities of the SFMF.


Mr. Inazio Martinez de Arano (EFIMED)

Ms. Sophie Vallée (EFIMED) 



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